Discard (TRIM) with KVM Virtual Machines

Update - March 09 2020 Since writing this article, I’ve made a few observations: More people read this than expected QEMU has since added discard support to the standard virtio disk, avoiding the need to use virtio-scsi It kinda sorta works out of the box. I’ve written a brief followup: Discard (TRIM) with KVM Virtual Machines… in 2020! Original Article I’ve got a bunch of KVM virtual machines running at home.

Fedora cloud for mere mortals

I’ve come across a post by Marek Goldmann detailing the basics of running Fedora cloud images on kvm. I found it was a massive help, but only got me part-way toward what I wanted. The documentation for cloud-init is sub-par from what I can find, so I thought I’d post this with my own modifications. My requirements were: Easy scriptable deployment (Marek’s script got me 100% of this goal) Static (sequential) IP assignments instead of DHCP hostname !