Offlineimap repeatedly deleting All Mail

or “That’s why you read changelogs” I was having some significant difficulties with offlineimap after upgrading to 6.5.4 (I’m using Ubuntu currently, so I upgraded straight from 6.3.4). The original issue was a FolderValidity error, which is covered by the offlineimap FAQ. This affected my “All Mail” folder (It also affected my “Sent Mail”, but it got lost in the noise of the 67964 messages in All Mail). The recovery process is simply to remove that folder (and it’s sync history), and start over.

Using devtodo with multiple projects

I’ve tried (and failed) to use many different pieces of software designed to manage todo lists. The main reasons I’ve failed is because the software either has a high learning curve, bad documentation, or it is cumbersome to use. I’ve finally struck gold with devtodo. Out of the box, it is almost perfect, but there are a few little issues: It expects .todo in the current directory It has no ability to track what you are working on.

Reverse Find

I recently had need to do a reverse find, and couldn’t discover any programs that offer this functionality. I decided to work around the issue using a bash function, loops, and find. This function can be stuffed into your ~/.bash_profile, and referenced wherever you need it. rfind() { rfind_path="${PWD}" while [[ "${rfind_path}" != "/" ]]; do rfind_search_paths="${rfind_search_paths} ${rfind_path}" rfind_path=$(dirname "${rfind_path}") done find ${rfind_search_paths} / -maxdepth 1 $@ -print -quit } As an example, let’s say I’m in /home/user/docs, and I execute rfind somefile.