AWStats from multiple hosts

I decided I wanted some stats. There are a few options: Use a service (Google Analytics, etc) or parse your logs. Both have pros and cons. This article isn’t supposed to help you decide. I just wanted simple stats based on logs: It’s non-intrusive to visitors, doesn’t send their browsing habits to third parties (other than what they send themselves), and uses the apache log data I’ve already got for the entire year.

SELinux and apache (httpd)

I’ve just built a new web server vm, basically identical to my mariadb one, and the fedora cloud image. This is documentation on how I configured it, as well as the ttrss update daemon. To get nfs to work, install nfs-utils. I need some packages also for ttrss. $ yum install nfs-utils httpd php php-mysql php-mbstring php-xml I’m putting the web root on an nfs mount from my nas. I have multiple virtualhosts.

Review: Logitech Trackman Wheel Optical

As well as my previously mentioned Unicomp keyboard, I also decided to purchase a Logitech Trackman Wheel Optical. It’s basically a thumb-oriented trackball that resembles a standard mouse (with regards to clicking, scrolling, etc). Adjusting to using the trackball was extremely easy. I have one at work and one at home. I haven’t been able to use it for games yet, so I’ve still got a second mouse around for that (more on that in a bit…)