Push It To the Limit #3

If you’re considering trying out autocross, I say go for it. I’m very new, and have found people at the two events I’ve attended (WOSCA #1, and PITL #3) to be friendly and extremely helpful. Additionally, you can do it with your own car. You don’t need some sort of special race-spec track beast. Both events have also had loaner helmets available (although I spent $200 and bought my own helmet meeting the appropriate standards).

Highlight Reel

Goal I want to combine a few clips together, with a 5-seconds of intro text on each one. Create overlay text in GIMP I created some overlay text in gimp, then exported to png files. An example (Note the transparancy, and drop shadow): Trim clips to length Using the methods I’ve described in previous ffmpeg posts, I trimmed the clips, ensuring that there is at least five seconds of lead-in on each clip for the text.

ZigZag Volvo

While driving through New York on my way to the Watkins Glen 2017 opening weekend, I encountered a nut in a Volvo zig-zagging through highway traffic. I decided use ffmpeg yet again (I’m starting to wonder if OpenShot would actually bring anything to the table at this point, besides crashing) Plan I want a video with the rear camera until the Volvo passes, then the front camera after. I want to use the front audio for the whole video.

ffmpeg part three - No more Boogaloos to give

Just like the first two times, I’m assembling my Watkins Glen 2017 track footage with ffmpeg. However, I encountered a small issue I didn’t last year, plus I decided to change things up a bit with codecs, and audio selection. ffmpeg requires protocol whitelist now I’m using pretty much the same concatenation command as last year (filenames are a bit different): $ for f in Front-*MOV; do echo file "$f"; done | ffmpeg -f concat -i - -c copy Front.

ffmpeg part two - Electric Boogaloo

I just attended the Watkins Glen opening day for the second year. It was, again, a blast. I made some slight adjustments to my ffmpeg assembly procedure from last year. Dashcam saves video in 5-minute chunks Instead of creating .list files, I simply used a pipe as input: for fo in AMBA091*; do echo file "$fo"; done \ | ffmpeg -f concat -i - -c copy Front-Track1.mov Front and Rear videos need to be combined Much like last year, I made short samples to confirm if any offsets needed to be done.

Video assembly with ffmpeg

I recently took my car to a racetrack, covered with cameras. I wanted to post these on youtube, but encountered a few issues: Dashcam saves video in 5-minute chunks Front and Rear videos need to be combined I don’t know anything about video editing I didn’t have a working video editor Fedora doesn’t seem to ship ffmpeg, and rpmfusion doesn’t support Fedora 22 yet