Living with BTRFS

This is the contents of a presentation I gave to KWLug in April 2015, roughly converted to blog format. The slides are available. I’ll update this post with a link to the podcast when it goes online. Audio and Video available via I didn’t get through all of the points, I barely touched on snapshots (and didn’t cover any utilities). I’ll post a follow-up with my filesystem corruption demonstration instructions.

Recovering a deleted file (on btrfs)

So you might find yourself saying this one day: HELP! I just deleted a file on my btrfs! It wasn’t old enough to be in a backup, snapshot, or git It was old enough that I don’t want to retype it. How do I get it back? Also, my btrfs is on an SSD, and it might kick off a garbage collection routine at any time! Well, as luck would have it, I just did that to a blog post I’ve spent all evening writing.