Update for maildir-indicator

Follow-up to my post about using Maildirs with Ubuntu’s messaging menu. Brad, the original author, has indicated that he considered his code to be essentially WTFPL. I feel the same about my bits, and have added a COPYING file specifically indicating this license instead of the previous GPL3 license. I have made some other changes since that last version: The configuration values (frequency, directories) are now loaded from separate files.

My own Firefox Addon Collection

I’ve created a Firefox addon collection. This is mostly for my own use (Since firefox can’t sync addons, a single list of addons I use helps bring up machines), but I thought I’d throw it out there if anybody else was curious. [Chris’ Addons](https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/collections/chrisirwin/chris-a/ Chris’ Addons collection at addons.mozilla.org)

Maildir with Ubuntu's Messaging Menu

I was pretty sure I wasn’t the only mutt user who missed having mail notifications in the indicator area. From a quick google search, it turns out I was in good company. Even better, a fellow by the name of Brad Mont actually wrote a basic python script to create an appindicator that would monitor a maildir. It was about 90% of what I was looking for. Unfortunately, I didn’t want another icon crowding the panel, so I adapted his script to use the messaging menu, so it shows up with chat (and any other communications programs).

I'm Internet Famous!

Assuming you’re doing a Google Image Search for a specific unicomp keyboard. ZOMG!

Review: Unicomp Customizer 104

I’ve recently purchased a Unicomp Customizer 104. It is essentially a modern version of the old IBM Model M mechanical keyboards. I do a fair amount of typing, so I thought it would be worthwhile to invest in a better keyboard. I’ve decided not to post photos since there seems to be no shortage of those on teh interwebs already. The feel is very nice. It reminds me of the Model M I used to have, but unfortunately, that model is long gone and I can’t do a direct comparison.

the iPad letdown

Okay, so the ipad is just a big ipod touch, and filling the “device too large to always have on you but too limited to do lots with” between a handy with-you smartphone and a real computer. If it was an accessory to a computer, THEN it would be interesting. Put it on the dock and it acts like a second screen. If you’re reading a PDF or web page, you can send it to the ipad for display, grab the ipad and continue having your reference material up.

For Twits and bookfacers

I’ve linked my blog to [Twitter](http://twitter.com Twitter), [Identi.ca](http://identi.ca identi.ca), and [Facebook](http://facebook.com Facebook) via [ping.fm](http://ping.fm ping dot fm) via [CR Post2Pingfm](http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/cr-post2pingfm/ CR Post to Ping fm) [Twitterfeed](http://twitterfeed.com/ Twitter Feed dot com). Whew. Hopefully this means that I will update my blog more often as there is a slight, remote chance that somebody might actually see it. I’ve got two LUG presentations coming up: DIY debian packaging for [LOLUG](http://groups.google.ca/group/lolug London Ontario Linux Users Group) and KVM+libvirt for [KWLUG](http://kwlug.


I’ve created a new project called imagecompare. The purpose is to detect and merge duplicate images, particularly where EXIF information may differ. There is more information on the project page


I’ve recently switched over to using git for revision control for my personal projects. This has made doing packaging and development substantially easier. I also decided to use git for my resume. I’ve redone my resume in LyX (a LaTeX front end)

My Ubuntu PPA packages

I have a [PPA on Launchpad.net](https://edge.launchpad.net/~chrisirwin/+archive/ppa Chris Irwin’s PPA) now. I’ve found it substantially easier than managing my own repository. Apparently some other folks use it, so I will be posting here when I do notable updates and additions. Here is a breakdown of what is on there now: cwi-meta and the cwi-* packages it builds. These are packages that provide PPA repository information and package dependencies for me setting up new (virtual) machines.