I've recently purchased a Unicomp Customizer 104. It is essentially a modern version of the old IBM Model M mechanical keyboards. I do a fair amount of typing, so I thought it would be worthwhile to invest in a better keyboard.

I've decided not to post photos since there seems to be no shortage of those on teh interwebs already.

The feel is very nice. It reminds me of the Model M I used to have, but unfortunately, that model is long gone and I can't do a direct comparison. The keys are very loud, which was expected from this type of mechanism (Buckling Spring). I expected the actual mechanism to buckle roughly 50-75% of the way down so that an experienced typist can stop their finger motion before they hit the backplate. It appears that these keys require almost 95% motion, at least by my rough estimate. I consider it impossible to type without moving the key completely down. Unfortunate, but no worse than any other keyboard.

The keyboard is physically large. There is a slimmer version, but I opted for the large customizer for nostalgia.

I rather like it. The folks at Unicomp were very accommodating. I originally ordered a different board, then changed my order. They corrected it and shipped it right away. Unfortunately the billing still went through for the original (more expensive) keyboard, but the difference was refunded right away when I contacted them.


  • Very clicky
  • Visually appealing keyboard
  • Fun to type on
  • Loud


  • Tactile feedback not as awesome as expected.
  • A little pricey
  • Loud


I quite like this keyboard. I was a little worried about paying USD$70, plus shipping, plus fees (Import via Fedex into Canada). I consider it a rather expensive keyboard, but I definitely enjoy typing on it more than the thinkpad keyboard, or the Microsoft X6 board I was using before.