I have a [PPA on Launchpad.net](https://edge.launchpad.net/~chrisirwin/+archive/ppa Chris Irwin's PPA) now. I've found it substantially easier than managing my own repository. Apparently some other folks use it, so I will be posting here when I do notable updates and additions. Here is a breakdown of what is on there now:

  • cwi-meta and the cwi-* packages it builds. These are packages that provide PPA repository information and package dependencies for me setting up new (virtual) machines. One apt-get and I have my expected environment.
  • libvirt, virt-manager, and associated packages. I'm keeping these up to date for Intrepid as I am using them with kvm/qemu.
  • cwi-vm-builder. A wrapper around ubuntu-vm-builder. When compined with an apt proxy/cache, it can bootstrap a VM in about 2 minutes. This is my standard vm template so I can build a new VM in a single command.
  • task & yagtd. Two unrelated gtd-style task managers. I reccommend trying them out.

If you use my PPA, feel free to contact me with suggestions and issues. I can't fix anything I don't know about. Also, launchpad does not give any statistics on PPA useage, or download history. It would be nice to get a rough count of the number of users using my packages.