I was just building some statistics of users, and apparently there are 82 unique IPs that access my package repository. This excludes my workstations. I had no idea anybody else was even using them, so "Rock On" as it were.

I'll be creating an RSS feed soon to keep users appraised of future changes to the repository. Also, I apologize for the reorganization that happened a few weeks ago, as it probably had caused some headaches.

Most of the packages are config/build changes (Metacity to enable the compositor, mail-notification to enable ssl), some are backports (libcm7 for Metacity dependency), and some are modifications.

Gaim now has an additional package, gaim-icons-official. This breaks the main UI icons into their own package that is replaceable via the packaging system. gaim-icons-gperfection2 is already in my repository, and I'll be making a gaim-icons-tango as soon as I have a few spare minutes. Not as cool as having switchable icon theme support in gaim itself, but good nevertheless.

Just a note that I do take requests for packages and backports, and will be putting an effort (now that I've gotten the hang of the whole Debian build stuff) to get changes into Ubuntu or upstream (if possible/necessary).