Snapper is an excellent utility that provides hourly snapshots of btrfs subvolumes.

Fedora ships with selinux enabled by default. This is excellent, and shouldn't be disabled. To allow this, most software in Fedora has appropriate rules defined, including snapper.

However, snappers rules only allow it to work on / and /home. If you wish to use it to snapshot /mnt/data, or /srv, or any other particular path, you're going to have a very bad time.

While it is certainly possible to define new rules for paths you wish to back up, I decided that in this one particular case, snapper should be allowed free reign.

sudo semanage permissive -a snapperd_t

The above command tells selinux to treat snapperd_t (the context snapperd runs within) as permissive. Rule violations will still be logged, but snapper will be allowed to continue.