I've replaced the slow Hitachi 4200rpm 2MB cache hard disk in my iBook. Unfortunately the new Samsung 40GB 5400rpm 8MB cache drive seems to have horrible power management features, and gets quite hot. Though it is a very noticable upgrade, system performance is much better now.

I've taken this opportunity to perform a fresh install of both OSX and Ubuntu Dapper (using Beta 2 media). I'm creating a how-to page detailing special steps needed during or after install.

Obviously I have not written a howto on OSX as it is plainly simple (just remember to turn off the localizations and printer drivers you do not need. It saves you about 2GB...)

Update 2013-02-26

The how-to page did not survive the transition from Wordpress to Posterous. I noticed this while performing my Posterous exodus to ikiwiki (Damn you Twitter). It's likely lost. Hopefully it will not be missed.