I've been reading up on debian packages since I'm now an Ubuntu user (Ubuntu being derived from Debian). I was previously building packages, copying them around, and manually installing and pinning versions. Today, I decided to simplify this process by creating my own package repository.

Behold, [http://packages.cidesign.ca/](http://packages.cidesign.ca/ packages.cidesign.ca).

The following lines in /etc/apt/sources.list will add this repository:

## cidesign packages
deb http://packages.cidesign.ca/ubuntu/ dapper main
deb-src http://packages.cidesign.ca/ubuntu/ dapper main

Most of the packages are from using checkinstall, so dependancies are not mapped at all. I'll be going about doing these packages properly at some point in the future (likely when new versions are released).

Also note that there are both i386 and powerpc packages here, and that if a package exists for one, it does not neccessarily exist in the other. A good example is Network-Manager, which works fine on my intel laptop with a ipw2100 wireless card, but fails on my ibook with bcm43xx wireless. I built a powerpc version that worked for me, and had no reason to build i386.

The howto "[Create the Debian Package Repository](http://www.calivia.com/sipxpbx-on-debian-create-the-debian-package-repository Create the Debian Package Repository)" is extremely useful, and covers creating a new repository.