My old Phone sucked. It was a small Kyocera slider that had consistently horrible reception and call quality. I was able to opt for a hardware update today, and decided to jump for it. I got a Motorola e815.

It seems to have excellent call quality and reception, though I've only had it a few hours, so this may be rather subjective. The website linked above seems to indicate the phone does not have Java, but mine apparently does. This may be a bell mobility thing, however. I also seem to be able to transfer photos to and from the camera itself via the Apple Bluetooth tools, as well as use isync with it.

iSync setup was pretty simple.

  • Select "Set up Bluetooth Device" from the bluetooth menu (or go through System Preferences)
  • Follow instructions

Palm Tungsten T3

This also provided me with the kick required to actually get around to using my Palm again. For a while, palm sync on Linux sucked, and I never really used it with windows due to crappy application support. The procedure to get bluetooth iSync working was less than straight forward for both Apple and Palm's respective sides.

On the Mac:

  • Install Palm Desktop
  • Set up Hotsync Manager
  • Ensure palm can sync
  • Run iSync
  • Select "Enable Palm OS Syncing" from the "Devices" menu
  • Enable the iSync conduit in Hotsync Manager
  • Configure in iSync

On the palm side, it seems that after I try to add a bluetooth connection to the phone, it outright refuses to sync to the macbook, even after a reset. I am not sure why it does this, but I eventually had to settle for hard-resetting the device (The battery had run down anyway, so there was no data to worry about).

I am not sure whether it is worthwhile to attempt another phone link...