Well, I've gone back to wordpress. No real reason why, however. Typo is some very good software as well.

I'm also running Ubuntu 6.06 "Dapper Drake" on my server. "Oh cool" you may say before you realize that it is only 6.04 right now. Let me answer a few questions

  • "Why Dapper?" I wanted to have some neat things like Avahi, a newer mono, and a few other nicities installed. This was looking to be too troublesome with 5.10 "breezy".

  • "Are you crazy? You're running an in-development, unstable operating system on your server?" This is really two questions, but I will answer them anyway. First of all, Yes, but I fail to see how this is related to the topic at hand. Secondly, I'm not overly concerned with stability on my home server. As long as email works, I'm okay.